Former coworking space in Hannover-Linden.
Sorry, we are closed!


In a backyard in Linden, there is the old “Katholischer Bahnhof”. Our coworking space is part of this unique old building in retro charm with high ceilings, archways, hardwood floors, vintage design and a lovely garden.

In this environment, we offer the latest equipment with 200Mbps Internet over fiber, a 10Gbit Ethernet backbone, 802.11ac/n/g Wi-Fi, OpenBSD firewalls, color laser printers and fine coffee machines (espresso/portafilter and drip coffee).



1 Day Pass/month included

€ 12 / month *

Basic membership for freelancers and individuals.


Unlimited days

€ 156 / month *

Unlimited days membership for individuals.


10 Day Passes/month included

€ 168 / month *

For teams of a registered company, non-profit organization, or association.

* All prices include 19% VAT (MwSt.).
See details on our Cobot page. Registration required.


All coworkers of the K14 are members or guests. The registration and booking is done via Cobot.

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